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2019 in review

tirumala trip 2019 - animeshTirumala trip in December 2019. Pic by Pradeep.

For me, this year is special in some ways. It is a year of

  1. works in progress (chugging along)
  2. limiting consumption and picking up production (picking up steam)
  3. great personal knowledge consolidation (ongoing)

Some numbers

  1. 365 commits on 9 personal projects. 90% of commits were done on the blog project.
  2. 4 books read, none fully
  3. 196 food orders on Swiggy. 3070₹ in December alone on 23 orders. For full update on this colossal waste, check back in a week or two.
  4. 1 Trip to Tirumala. Went to see Lord Venkateswara with my colleagues. We climbed the 3550 steps in the Alipiri route in about 4 hours. It was a memorable trip.

tirumala trip 2019 - animeshme with srikanth, vijay, and pradeep (l -> r)