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About self description

Me — I am a lifelong learner and explorer. Primary interests include open source, distributed systems, dataviz, photography, electronics, spoken languages, minimalism and stoicism. Technology choices — aspnet, django, and go.

Some principles — Habits and discipline. Karma and kaizen. Everything is an experiment. Strong opinions weakly held.

The blog — This blog is a learning log. It is built with Lektor and SourceHut, and self-hosted on Vultr. It has zero tracking and analytics, auto night mode, loads fast enough, 100 on pagespeed. Site style is inspired by the class-less CSS framework SimpleCSS by Kevin Quirk.

Comments? — Send a plain-text email to my public inbox at ~animesh/

Contact —

License — The content for this site is covered by CC-BY-SA. The code for this site is covered by MIT. Views expressed on this site are my own.