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New domain

I decided to move my blog to a new domain for 3 reasons.

1. Varied focus

Until recently, I had 3 domains with 3 gTLDs each with a specific purpose.

animesh.blogHost my blog
animesh.spaceHost my single page portfolio
anmsh.devShowcase projects

So, I am to build a blog on one domain, portfolio on the next and a projects showcase on another. That is quite a splattered focus and can be confusing for potential audience.

I bought it immediately when .blog was first available. Easy to remember and communicate to potential audience. I paid a decent amount of money for nearly five years at a great domain host iwantmyname. They were expensive, but I stayed for the lightweight and functional domain management UI they provide. This was a hard decision as it meant letting go of a great domain name meant specifically for my blog.

I bought three years back again with the same domain host for a lower first year cost. I have never been able put it to use. I did try a few prototypes. It is a cheaper domain to buy at a number of hosts and a great choice if you could think of something like or for your idea. Letting go of this was an easy decision to make.

I bought it at Namecheap last year at a low first year cost to ride the .dev domain hype. I chose this as was already taken. The .dev domain is a great choice for developers who would like to show case their blog and/or projects. After a while, I couldn't just visualize the name It did not feel naturally aligned with my shortened firstname. It could also be semantic satiation. This was an easy decision as well.

2. Finances

Since the end of 2019, I thought about this a lot, but could not come up with a reasonable solution. That thinking amounted to an eventual solution when I attacked it in the financial angle. I spent upto $550 for about five years without doing much. After some brief figurative self flagellation, I realized I could put a fraction of that amount into services that I will use.

  1. Sourcehut is one such service which provides an alternative to github and gitlab. After using their services in alpha for little above a year, I have made up my mind to support them.

  2. Flickr Pro is an upgrade I have been eyeing for at least five years. My hobbyist photography has taken a considerable hit in the last few years. This is on my buy list for a time frame of next 3 - 5 years.

  3. Self education, with websites such as pluralsight and udemy, is another area I became decisive in terms of spending. So it is a win to not waste money on unused domains and better myself.

3. Repurposing

My original purpose was to build an online presence, share my learnings, and build my ideas on a single site/domain combination. So that is the way. Just one domain for everything.

If I had retained and removed other two domains, then one of two uneasy situations unfold:

  1. I must host either the portfolio on another domain, as itself is a landing page to the blog posts.
  2. If I put my portfolio on, then the blog would have move to either or A site with .blog gTLD not showing the blog doesn't sit well with me and frankly those last two URLs look silly IMHO.

Finally I settled on

The best thing about a .net domain is that it is relatively inexpensive with most domain hosts.


The blog itself will be available at shortly. The root domain will host my portfolio/projects.

  • b can stand for both my lastname initial and the word blog.
  • .net can stand for .NET, my primary tech stack.

Potential audience = search traffic, collaborators, and potential customers

Note: After 20 months, I have merged the blog and site into
Read about it in the post Moving the blog from Gitlab to Sourcehut